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Learn in the video how to optimize your resource management

Ulrike Wanner
06.01.2021 | 1 min reading time

Skill- und Ressourcenmanagement

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Our Can Do video shows how you can optimize your resource management with skills and artificial intelligence.

Changing markets and customer demands put companies under pressure. It is necessary to act quickly and in a networked manner, to plan projects flexibly, and to take into account a wide range of aspects, such as the activities of employees and their skills across disciplines and locations.

CanDo_Slider-3-800x400How can you maintain an overview in this multi-layered scenario and assign the appropriately qualified employees at the right time so that projects succeed? Let alone anticipate which skills will be in demand in the future.


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The latest video from resource management specialist Can Do shows how you can master complex scenarios and link the skills and availabilities of your team to always have the right employees on duty. You will learn about advanced risk management with recommended actions through Artificial Intelligence, which allows accelerated decision-making and opens up new scope for you. The Can Do Apps ensure ease of use and strengthen the willingness to plan tasks independently.


Whitepaper Ressourcenmanagement

Ulrike Wanner
Written by

Ulrike Wanner

I am responsible for the corporate communications of Can Do GmbH and examine the effects of digitalization on conventional planning strategies. Of particular interest is the increasing influence of individual skills and artificial intelligence on the quality of project planning.