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Why mothers are ideal managers of multiple projects and resources

Conny Düran
02.07.2024 | 3 min reading time

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Life as a mother is a constant balancing act between the demands of family, professional life, and often personal interests. These diverse tasks require exceptional management and coordination skills - skills that are also invaluable in the business world. In this blog post, we explore why mothers are the perfect managers of multiple projects and resources, and what unique qualities they bring to this role, especially in a digitalized world.

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Multitasking at its finest

Mothers daily juggle a myriad of tasks: caring for children, organizing the household, managing appointments, and often professional commitments as well. This ability for effective multitasking is one of the core competencies of a successful multi-project manager. Mothers are accustomed to monitoring multiple projects simultaneously, prioritizing, and swiftly switching between tasks.

Excellent time management skills

Time is a precious resource for mothers. They know how to make the most of every moment to tackle the day's tasks. This time management is crucial for planning and executing projects. A good multi-project manager must be able to meet deadlines and coordinate the time of team members efficiently - just like a mother organizes her family's daily schedule.

Resource management in everyday life

Mothers manage not only their time but also financial and material resources. They know how to plan a limited budget, make efficient purchases, and optimize household resources. This ability to optimize resources directly translates to project resource management. An effective resource manager must ensure that personnel, budget, and material resources are used efficiently to achieve project goals.

Strength in communication

Successful communication is key to success in any leadership role. Mothers communicate daily with various people: children, partners, teachers, and other parents. This constant interaction hones their ability to communicate clearly and effectively. They can quickly relay information, resolve conflicts, and ensure that all parties are on the same page - essential skills for managing multiple projects.

Flexibility and adaptability

Life with children is often unpredictable. Mothers must be flexible and adaptable to respond to unexpected situations. This trait is also invaluable in multi-project management. Projects rarely proceed exactly according to plan, and a good manager must be able to respond to changes and challenges quickly and effectively.

Empathy and team leadership

Through their caregiving and sense of responsibility, mothers develop strong empathy. They are able to understand the needs and feelings of their children and act accordingly. This empathy also helps them to be empathetic and supportive leaders. A multi-project manager must be able to motivate and support a team, and mothers bring this natural ability for caregiving and team leadership.

Problem-solving Skills

Every day as a mother brings new challenges and problems that need to be resolved. Whether it's mediating a sibling dispute or managing a last-minute schedule change, mothers develop impressive problem-solving skills. This ability to find quick and effective solutions is also crucial in multi-project management.

Utilizing digital media and technologies

In today's digital world, digital media and technologies are indispensable for efficient project and resource management. Mothers, who often use digital tools and platforms to organize family life, bring valuable experience to the workplace. They use calendar apps, social networks, and messaging services to coordinate appointments, share information, and keep track of everything. These digital competencies are in demand in modern companies to efficiently manage projects and connect teams.

Digital tools for management

Mothers familiar with digital media can easily transition to professional project management software. These tools offer features that reflect a mother's daily life: task management, scheduling, resource monitoring, and communication platforms. The ability to effectively use these digital tools makes mothers ideal candidates for roles in multi-project and resource management.


Mothers, because of their diverse daily tasks and challenges, are the perfect multi-project and resource managers. Their skills in multitasking, time management, communication, flexibility, empathy, and problem-solving make them outstanding leaders. With their experience in handling digital media and technologies, they are well-equipped to succeed in the modern business world. Companies that recognize and utilize the potential of mothers can greatly benefit from these exceptional management capabilities. The balance between family and professional commitments strengthens mothers, making them irreplaceable multi-project and resource managers in any organization.

Conny Düran
Written by

Conny Düran

Conny Düran is Head of Customer Service and Support at Can Do. She is therefore very close to the challenges of the prospective customers and the everyday project work of the users. In the Can Do blog, Conny writes about features of our software that are particularly popular with users.