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AI in Project Management: Follow-up to the PMI® Austria event

Ariane Becker
18.10.2023 | 2 min reading time

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On the 13th of June, the PMI® Austria Chapter invited to a forum event in Vienna - under the motto "AI-supported, data-driven project management: daydream, nightmare or already reality? Thomas Schlereth (Head of Development and CEO of Can Do) was also present at the event, and of course the talk was about Can Do's PM software, which can be considered one of the pioneers in terms of "AI in Project Management". His presentation piqued the attendees' curiosity and he was invited to demonstrate more about Can Do and the capabilities of its AI. Thomas was happy to oblige: On 12 October, he demonstrated our Can Do software on a live system as part of a virtual follow-up event.

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For Thomas Schlereth, this was another welcomed opportunity to demonstrate Can Do and the capabilities of the specially developed AI: "The theoretical benefits of AI in our project management software are already impressive - but the best way to get a real insight into its potential is in the context of a live demo. Only then does it become clear what impact our AI has on the day-to-day business of project management". And so, on 12 October, at the follow-up event for the PMI® Chapter Austria, Thomas Schlereth demonstrated how these functions of Can Do, among others, are put into practice in PM:

  • Both projects and resources (employees) can be planned and managed on the basis of imprecise data.
  • Can Do's artificial intelligence can take into account people's typical working behaviour when planning.
  • The AI also calculates the probability of risks occurring in an imprecise future.
  • The AI analyses the overload of people and their capabilities and suggests actions and alternatives.
  • With its exclusive AI, Can Do ensures realistic project planning and helps to avoid overloads in the first place.

For Thomas, of course, this experience was not surprising, but I was amazed at how new these aspects of project management software were for many of the people at the event. I also got the impression that a lot of people were rethinking their views on artificial intelligence and thinking about implementing Can Do and its useful AI in their own organisations.


The PMI Austria Chapter event was again a great success, this time in virtual form. In June, Thomas delved into the exciting theoretical aspects of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management, which sparked interest in its practical application in the Can Do software. Participants, whether PMI members or other interested parties, were able to experience live how AI is put into practice in our software. The discussions and questions were extremely enriching and the open atmosphere contributed to a successful evening. At Can Do, we value the ongoing exchange with project management experts. The future remains exciting, and although the question of 'how' is often asked, Can Do's engine room remains a well-kept secret.

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Ariane Becker
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Ariane Becker

Ariane Becker is in continual exchange with interested parties from various industries. Her main focus is to bring the right information and suitable experts together and getting directly involved in the use cases and the software.