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Can Do launched new release of project management software

Ulrike Wanner
06.11.2020 | 2 min reading time

Skill- und Ressourcenmanagement

Projektmanagement Software

Neuer Release der Can Do Projektmanagement SoftwareCan Do has extended its software solution for project management with new functionalities. Companies and project managers of all industries and sizes benefit from a better overview, flexibility and time savings and can offer their employees the individually required apps for planning projects and resources as well as for convenient time recording. As a result, users work more efficiently and are more satisfied, which in turn has a positive effect on the company's productivity.

From now on you will benefit from these functions:

  • Mass Operation 

The feature "mass operation" was implemented in the project planner app. The user can apply actions to a large number of elements simultaneously and saves time.  

  • Extension of the JIRA interface

The existing Can Do interface to JIRA has been extended and now also supports Kanban from JIRA. This simplifies the timely processing of tickets and bugs from JIRA. 

  • Assignment of rights 

Can Do's rights system controls access to projects or parts of projects. With this functionality it can be exactly determined who can see or edit projects. It is also possible to make only parts of projects visible - for example only milestones. 

  • Communication Center 

In the Communication Center, notifications of events can be activated and users can be informed by e-mail or, for example, via Microsoft Teams. For example, they can find out when a story has been pushed so that a milestone is in danger - or that someone has submitted a project that would have required their approval. The user decides when he or she wants to receive messages and through which channels.

Communication Center der Can Do Projektmanagement Software

  • Favorites

This new function makes selecting projects effortless, convenient and fast. The most important projects are stored as favorites and it is displayed which projects were last opened. Several projects can also be selected and opened at the same time. New projects or projects from templates can also be created directly via this new dialogue window.  

  • Quality assurance 

The quality of the Can Do software for professional project and resource planning is continuously optimized using various technologies. Among other things, this is done with automatic tests that are run every night in the AWS cloud. As soon as an error is found, the development department solves the problem.  

  • WebSocket Technology 

This new technology makes the software even faster. Every action is immediately calculated and displayed in real time by the central server. Changes made by other users are also displayed ad hoc in your own plan. Although it is still a collaborative multi-user system, the users can work as with a single-user application. Waiting times are eliminated. 


Kundenzusammenarbeit in einem global arbeitenden Projektumfeld"The new version is a clear step towards information and communication in a decentralized and globally operating project environment", comments Thomas Schlereth, Managing Director and Head of Development on the current release. "With it, we are creating an optimal basis for the modern working world and enabling the rapid digitalization of companies. The majority of all enhancements were realized in exchange with many customers. Many customer requests were taken up and implemented in this version".

First information about the new functions can be found in our videos about the relaunch 2020!

Watch videos of the relaunch now 

Ulrike Wanner
Written by

Ulrike Wanner

I am responsible for the corporate communications of Can Do GmbH and examine the effects of digitalization on conventional planning strategies. Of particular interest is the increasing influence of individual skills and artificial intelligence on the quality of project planning.