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German SMEs are hesitant to invest in cloud technology

Redaktion Can Do
06.11.2020 | 2 min reading time

Projektmanagement Software

In the current study on the use of project management software by Capterra a total of 247 small and medium sized companies were surveyed to identify the top trends among buyers of project management software. The study also looked into the question of why the hip cloud technology often does not yet meet with approval. The data security concerns are too great. As a result, decisive competitive advantages remain unused.


The highlights of the study at a glance

  • The majority of German SMEs do not use any special software
               applications except Excel, Outlook etc. for their project management
               and work with manual methods.
    • Half of the companies are prepared to invest in a new project
                 management system
    • Only 13% of project management software used in SMEs is cloud-based
    • Almost 60% of companies are prepared to pay a higher price for
                 software from Germany and data protection according to German laws.


What speaks for project management software

  • Ability to plan and control projects so that they are completed on time,
               can be handled cost-efficiently and with high quality.
  • Better overview and transparency
  • Project risks are quickly identified and presented
  • The course of the project is made efficient
  • Communication and cooperation within the team is improved

Cloud solutions are ideal for smaller companies because they are scalable and can grow with your needs. They are also more attractive in terms of costs than a high one-off investment. However, data security concerns still prevail. Our SaaS solution for project management is operated on servers at our Frankfurt / Main site. European law applies there.

Jens Steinbicker, Managing Director

Can Do GmbH

Why cloud solutions make sense

In Germany in particular, SMEs have so far failed to trust in the cloud and the associated competitive advantages have been forfeited. Read here what speaks for cloud technology from Capterra's point of view:

  • Cloud solutions are scalable, more dynamic and flexible and can be
               adapted the growth and needs of the company are adapted
  • Mobile working is enhanced by access to company data from
               supported at every location
  • SMEs have gained a relative advantage through the use of cloud
               software Cost advantage that comes from the fact that the costs of
               cloud computing are software on a monthly basis and a unique high
               Investment in installed software can be avoided
  • Improved transparency and communication: all processes and
               Changes to a project are immediate for all employees involved
  • Time recording is much easier with a cloud solution and is
               also possible with the Smartphone


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Redaktion Can Do
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Redaktion Can Do

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