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Can Do Lecture at the PMI Chapter Meeting: The importance of resource management in times of economic fluctuations

Ulrike Wanner
06.11.2020 | 1 min reading time

Skill- und Ressourcenmanagement

Projektmanagement Software

Unplanned changes in the economy cause fluctuations in staffing requirements. It is therefore important for companies to know who is currently working on which tasks and which skills are required. Missing information or lack of knowledge leads to wrong decisions and suboptimal personnel deployment. Thomas Schlereth, managing director of Can Do GmbH, explained that it doesn't have to come to that and how to prepare in time at the first online PMI Chapter Meeting in front of about 70 participants at the end of June in Munich. The following questions were discussed:

  • Why does a comprehensive overview of resources favour the flexibility and power of a company in uncertain times?
  • Can this "flexibility" also entail job cuts?
  • Against this background, will skills and resource management become more important in the near future to effectively counter project risks?


You did not have time to attend the event? Then you can listen to the lecture by Thomas Schlereth on YouTube afterwards:


In July, Can Do will also provide a free 14-day trial offer of the project management software including remote support.

Test Can Do now!

Ulrike Wanner
Written by

Ulrike Wanner

I am responsible for the corporate communications of Can Do GmbH and examine the effects of digitalization on conventional planning strategies. Of particular interest is the increasing influence of individual skills and artificial intelligence on the quality of project planning.