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Skill Management long neglected

Ulrike Wanner
06.11.2020 | 1 min reading time

Knowing, who can do what

It is important for companies to know what skills and qualifications their employees have in order to plan ahead. So far, however, only a few organizations systematically record the existing skills and therefore rarely know what potential lies dormant in them. This is the conclusion of the current article "Lange vernachlässigt" (Long neglected) in the trade journal Personalwirtschaft from October 2018.

Author Ulli Pesch gives an overview of the challenges of skill-based planning of employees, tools available on the market and first practical experiences. The article also mentions the novel approaches of Can Do, as the software house supports medium-sized companies and corporations in project and resource planning while at the same time taking into account the skills of the employees. Click here for the article:

Long neglected - skill management in the shadow of talent management

Ulrike Wanner
Written by

Ulrike Wanner

I am responsible for the corporate communications of Can Do GmbH and examine the effects of digitalization on conventional planning strategies. Of particular interest is the increasing influence of individual skills and artificial intelligence on the quality of project planning.