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Industry Prize: Can Do again receives the "Best of" award

06.11.2020 | 1 min reading time

Skill- und Ressourcenmanagement

Projektmanagement Software

  • Advanced industrial products with high technological value awarded

Can Do's project and resource management software is once again among the best for industry in the category "IT and software solutions". The Can Do software was awarded "Best of 2016" at the Industry Prize, which was awarded for the 11th time. Numerous advanced industrial products were submitted to the competition and evaluated by an independent jury consisting of professors, industry experts, scientists and journalists. The panel of experts placed particular emphasis on the progressiveness as well as the economic, social, ecological and technological benefits of the submitted solution. Under the motto "With progress to success" the industry prize was awarded in 14 categories and to one overall winner.

Industriepreis: Can Do erhält erneut das Prädikat „Best of“
Can Do competed in the Industry Prize with his new Skill Management. The focus is on the possibility of using only the skills of employees in resource planning, as well as comprehensive skill-capacity analyses up to strategic personnel planning at skill level. With this functional world, Can Do makes its Resource management even stronger and more effective, because with skills-based planning, employees are deployed solely according to their skills. In strategic personnel planning, skill management enables companies to analyze their future skill requirements and compare them with the actual situation. From this, further and advanced training measures for employees can be derived in a much more appropriate manner or specialists with specific skill profiles can be sought early and specifically.

With the "Best of" rating, the project and resource management software is among the best industry solutions for the fifth year in succession. Further information on the industry award is available on the Internet at www.industriepreis.de