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Artificial intelligence revs up agile organization

14.01.2021 | 1 min reading time

skill and resource management

AI-based software

In the future, it will be a matter of meeting the rapid changes in the market with an internal organization that can implement projects quickly and flexibly. At the same time, the complexity of the planning phase will increase steadily due to networked working environments with teams spanning different disciplines and locations. In your company, too, taking into account the skills available within the company during planning is becoming increasingly important, as it offers the opportunity to know in good time who is needed where and when, and what skills are required to implement the tasks. For example, with a resource management tool you can implement projects faster and with increased quality. At the same time, you fulfill essential requirements for the agile organization in terms of adaptability, speed and customer focus.

Künstliche Intelligenz You can use AI-supported systems to structure and condense the data volumes relevant to holistic planning and process them into information that serves as a basis for planning decisions and enables rapid action. The AI-based software analyzes the diverse planning dependencies and interrelationships of various parallel projects faster and more comprehensively than a human could ever do. It provides you with an overview at the push of a button, creates freedom and expands your options for action - and those of your employees. AI can also relieve you of simple routine tasks by recommending actions such as intervening in risky planning situations. With a pre-selection of tasks and problem areas in which intervention should take place, it accelerates decisions and makes a significant contribution to risk avoidance.