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Can Do builds bridge between project and line

Editorial Team
12.01.2021 | 2 min reading time

Project Management Office

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  • Project management software Can Do simplifies coordination process between project manager and line manager
  • Holistic resource management takes into account all work from project and line activities in real time


The coordination processes between project and line are often difficult and lengthy. Particularly in personnel planning, when the project manager requests specialists from the individual departments for his project, the question often arises as to whether and when free capacities are available in the departments or whether the employees are already working to capacity through their line activities or through ongoing projects to which they are assigned. Can Do's project management software now bridges the gap between project and line with Staffer by significantly simplifying the coordination process between project and line managers.


Live management: Holistic personnel planning

Staffer® vereinfacht Abstimmung zwischen Projekt & LinieThe Staffer provides department managers and line managers with a detailed overview of the current workload of their department and its employees, regardless of whether it is project work or technical activities in the department. The Staffer also lists all projects, project phases and work packages in which the employees of the department, or the department itself, are already scheduled. Also listed in the tabular overview are the free capacities of the employees as well as all personnel requests from projects. If employees are already overloaded, the planning software indicates this accordingly. On the basis of this overview of free, already planned and requested capacities, the line manager can serve the personnel requests from the projects. The staffer provides him with a reliable data basis for his decision on how many and which employees he can assign to the respective projects. As soon as he assigns an employee to a work package, this is adjusted both in his overview and in the project plan. In doing so, the line manager can freely select the period to be considered, for example, to make his personnel assignments on a quarterly basis.

The project management software naturally provides all information in real time, i.e. live. This means that changes in project planning that have a capacity-related impact on his team are immediately displayed to the department manager. Overloads caused by projects not being coordinated with the specialist department and also not being coordinated with each other can be significantly reduced by the Staffer.

For the project manager, planning in Can Do remains essentially unchanged. Depending on the rights model selected, he requests either specific employees or capacities from the department for his project. It is then up to the line manager to serve these requests.

With its solution for project management, Can Do offers the possibility of planning, controlling and monitoring both line organization activities and project-oriented work with just one tool.

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