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Agile project management software - benefits for project teams and companies

Editorial Team
09.05.2022 | 3 min reading time


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agile project management

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Modern business life has changed for virtually all companies. Many decisions, especially in project management, must be made quickly, numerous processes must be implemented in an agile manner, and planned projects must be carried out quickly. To meet these requirements, new methods and tools have been developed as a solution. One of the most important of these is the development of agile project management software. With its functions, it decisively influences collaboration in - and between - project teams.

Among the biggest benefits of working with agile project management software:

Best product quality

Agile methods and tools in projects are a solution to achieve best product quality in the company.

It is made possible above all by the fact that

  • the project requirements - as well as the customer requirements - can be adapted and changed at any time by agile project management software in order to develop product features as close as possible to the market and the target group.
  • the regular - or even daily - tests immediately uncover any product errors that occur, enabling fast, agile remediation.
  • the sprint retrospectives within the Scrum teams can continuously improve the individual processes - and thus the entire course of the project.

The use of automated test tools in the software also provides additional time savings and quality enhancement for the entire company, for example, when products developed during the day in the project are tested overnight. If errors are detected by the tool, solutions can be provided by the project team as early as the next working day.


High customer satisfaction

In agile project management, the customer, his wishes and his ideas are always in the foreground as the task. This means in detail that:

  • the customer is fully involved in the entire course of the project, he can express his expectations, give his opinion and thus decisively influence the direction of product development at any time
  • the use of the product owner ensures that the defined product requirements are implemented according to customer needs
  • at each sprint review, the features of the product are demonstrated to the client to keep them up to date on agile development.

Especially for self-financing projects, the involvement of the customer in the project plays a major role, because the client can determine well before the final product is fully completed whether he wants to launch the current version on the market. This would be advantageous, for example, in order to test acceptance on the market with the preliminary versions or to achieve the first sales successes and thus enable further investments in product development.


Increased personal responsibility within the project teams

In agile project management, the responsibility for each project stage lies with the project team itself.

The daily Scrum meetings ensure that the team can constantly reorganize itself to optimally master the challenges and tasks. A clear, agile division of tasks makes it easier for team members to work together on common goals for the company.

Self-organized project teams are more productive, more creative and more efficient in the implementation of their tasks. If the teams also have access to modern, agile project management software with its helpful features, self-organization can be significantly simplified and the individual phases of product development can be accelerated considerably.

For his part, the project manager benefits from the fast and clear project controlling of such software, which saves his time and reduces expenses.


Agile project management brings with it a new structure of thinking and a new way of working that positively changes the way project teams and the company work together.

Agile project management can achieve even better results and solutions for the team if the management decides on the optimally suitable agile project management software, which supports and guides the work in the team - as well as the self-organization of the employees - with its features and functions.

The Can Do team will be happy to advise you on how such agile project management software works and which solution exactly fits your project, your tasks and your project management. Give it a try!