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Skills shortage: from crisis to opportunity with artificial intelligence

12.04.2024 | 1 min reading time

AI-based software

risk management

The presentation 'Skills Shortage: From Crisis to Opportunity with Artificial Intelligence,' by Can Do CEO Thomas Schlereth, garnered great interest at Digicon 2018. And his statements are more relevant today than ever before. Thomas Schlereth demonstrated the added value of artificial intelligence in everyday planning tasks from three perspectives: executive leadership, middle management, and employees. The following theses served as the

starting point:

  • You have too much work for too few employees!
  • Digitalization makes everything more complex!
  • AI makes complexity manageable!

Why does Can Do rely on AI?

Can Do provides a solid foundation for all aspects of successful planning with its AI-powered software for project and resource management. Countless data are condensed, analyzed, and crucially, transformed into actionable insights for users. Thanks to AI, the benefits range from skill-based resource planning to issuing recommendations that prioritize tasks and assess risks from 'Immediate action required' to 'Ignore'. This streamlines daily tasks for all project stakeholders, starting from project selection, planning of employees considering their skills and strengths (skills), and ending with operational implementation with optimized time tracking and work scheduling thanks to Can Do Hours.


What does AI bring to the planner's everyday life?

  • The employee is overwhelmed by fragmented processes and high speed, often leading to errors and overload. AI enables a structured approach focusing on the essentials.
  • AI provides middle management with condensed data and prioritization, highlighting areas requiring urgent action. Time is freed up for actively shaping topics.
  • The executive management makes decisions based on AI-supported reporting with high-quality real-time data.

What does all this have to do with the skills shortage?

With skill-based resource planning, Can Do provides relief to companies in two ways:

  • By identifying skill needs early, employees can be trained proactively based on demand.
  • With AI-driven recommendations and optimized work scheduling, employees are relieved from small-scale tasks and routine activities in terms of quantity. They gain freedom and can take on new tasks.

The importance of the interaction between project planning and the HR department in order to fully realize the value of skill-based planning is discussed in the article on strategic workforce planning.