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Thomas Schlereth
20.12.2022 | 10 min Lesezeit



Digitale Transformation

Amazon Web Services

Die Weiterentwicklung der gesamten Can Do-Lösung lebt auch stark von Hinweisen von Anwendern. Wir prüfen jeden Hinweis zur Optimierung der Ergonomie, kleinere Fehler der Geschwindigkeitsprobleme.

Um zu zeigen, wie viele dieser Wünsche und Vorschläge wir im Detail übernehmen, stelle ich hier die Liste der kleinen Anpassungen und Optimierung als Tabelle rein. Inhaltlich ist das eigentlich nur etwas für absolute Can Do-Insider. Die Liste beschreibt keine neuen Apps, Serveränderungen oder Sicherheitsoptimierungen. Es geht also nur um kleinere Dinge die wir sehr ernst nehmen und die Lösung täglich besser macht.

Cloud-Kunden haben diese Änderungen alle schon durch die automatischen Updates erhalten. On-Prem-Kunden bekommen immer alles im Rahmen der zyklischen Updates.

Größere neue Anpassungen und neue Apps oder ganze Produkte werden natürlich einzeln vorgestellt.

Die Liste soll nur dokumentieren, dass wir für jeden Hinweis dankbar sind und fast alle direkt umsetzen. Dafür auch ein Danke! von mir. Die Liste beschreibt die letzten 5 Monate:

SD-4708 - extended description window. Changes for gosys theme
prototype: ai heatmap chart and chart config changes
Cando Tiles page improvements and expanded view options
fix for error handling on jira migrator
FIX capacity fixed height for selectors. Configurable default for skill combine logic
Small fix for progress buttons in me+
SD4807, SD4469 - added details tab to me(+) and fixed filtering of objects
financial milestone chart fgc fix
small fix for ws name coloring
quick fix for financial milestones grid
STS-2769 added personal number
STS-2769 added personal number
STS-2769 added personal number
New theme changes
fix for SD-4792 - updating start-end-duration on the gantt - changed logic... 
me/me+ time recording fix
SD-4515 added placeholder for baseline comment
SD-4597 added translation for no gateway
SD-4802 fix for month navigation on team dashboard
SD-4527 added sum in financial milestone grid footer
SD-4759 removed head icon in ribbon and websocket lamp, coloring name if connection is established
SD-4156 year to end departments chart fix
changing resources assignments to support assigning resources to the subproject
SD-4741 timerecording detail report shows items beyond the chosen time period
adding column to grid in project log to display which element is changed
fix for deductible checkbox and for connector between 2 portfolios
columns fix for assigned resouces on rmd
SD-499 Staffer filtering and speed fixes
automatic booking and user statistics small changes
SD-4578: crYearEnd selector wrong
SD-4728: no way to delete cost postion
SD-4606: Sensless error message in me and me+ jumping from initials gantt to the resource
Custom handling problems notification on project list
strenghtening condition for delete subproject
fix for delete subproject on gantt + fix adding package, phase and milestone in subproject
Fix for reportable objest on time recording
config.js auth to use
SD-4646 and SD-4729 - Removed tooltip for skills and deductible on resource... 
small fixes on resources panel on rmd
Hotfix B Staffer filter
Hotfix Staffer filter
New opdcs for ramp up resources on webClient2
moved column project(name) to the second position in me/me+/personal... 
SD-492 Staffer filter slow without spinning wheel. Better approach.
SD-4591 changed baseline color to red
SD-4491 hyperlink to gantt on all pmo names with predefined interval
SD-492 Staffer filter slow without spinning wheel
fixing date validation on portoflio management for combo with duration
SD-4748 - additional check for time recording for other resources (department management info)
SD-4470 - jump from gantt to user-dash on user initial clicking
fix for portfolio managmeent not showing all projects and added improved... 
SD-4682 added resouces panel on r-m-d
fix for description parsing
project log input date fix
fixes on portfolio management showing only current year, refresh data button,... 
added missing translations
SD-4730 fix for cost management
fix for sendToFlexiGrid timespan issue with embedded grids
SD-4703  staffer issues
project log date input fix
portfolio-management risk field change
SD-4197 loading tiles after login
increased flexigrid bottom margin
table planner fix create package start and end date display. fixedCost service... 
bubble chart redesign
table planner onChange fix
New role for XXX
table planner switch for KendoUI versions. k-select vs. k-state-select
SMT-490 Resource assign to newly created pakage window. Working new EVA chart... 
project log date range picker fix
SD-4698 added fallback scrollbar if chart height to big and resulting grid... 
SD-4701 fixes on project log
first batch of gantt speed improvements - expand-collapse. Plus fix of grid... 
first batch of gantt speed improvements - expand-collapse. Plus fix of grid charts in demand-manage for dark theme. Changed search/filter on selector to remove filter when last letter is deleted
SD-4698 set hhart legend with on top to max window width
SD-4703/I Staffer should show 0 for zero assignemnts
SD-4474 fix for vacation application
Tableplanner css fix for kendoUI2022R2
SD-4618: launching me and me+ displays icons in the beginning ugly
Test for flexiGrid chart legend width
SD-4674 Fix table planner EVA charts. XXX-490 fix opening resource assign... 
SD-4564: Gantt deleting resource assignment, list jumps
SD-477, SMT-491: SMT Scrum fixes & SD-4620: mass ops budget position fix
Fix for strange childnode error in console when in app with jira directive and logged in
SD-4633 fix for connectors in task tooltip
fix for approving demands to same portfolio
automatic-booking: removed paging in second step grid
fix for demand approve
label change on fabConfig
fix for approving demands
SD-4689 removed deleting of resources, only user can be deleted from user management on admin panel
user statstics spinning wheel fix
SD-4658: portfolio management app - selecting different configuration, draw bubble chart new
SD-484: show all elements and full screen grid
increased font on quick actions
admin-panel small changes
feature: admin-panel: user statistics
SD-4511 quick actions feature - wip
SD-4699 fix for demand approve
Project list reload fix
SD-4695 XXX project structure selector with custom tree
WIP basic skill selector
removed console.log
bubble chart - save current configuration
deleted double config
Correction redesign for subprojects
Redesign of create/update windows
SD-4688 Worktime model in resources-management - deletion fails.
bug fixes for XXX
SD-4615 ws reconnect window show in intervals
SD-4668: XXX: bug in user-dashboard time recordin
SD-4562 Table planner EVA chart resets when new project is loaded
small fix for subproject fields
SD-4626 removed regex validation from duration field
SD-4647 XXX 1.4 -7 Change project structure in gantt
Reverted eva chart change
SD-4542: baseline compare app - some bugs
SD-4598 fix for department chart on capacity
ws reconnect fix
SD-4625 fix for nonsense message on gantt interval change
user-dashboard time recording fix
added allowCapacitySkillLogicChange to config.js
SD-4388 project log tab
SD-4562 Fix table planner EVA charts
SD-4565 Fix costs windoe grid heights
SD-4586: functions missing in crPlanBudgets.html
added parameter with webClient base path from config to be sent to backend -... 
SD-4598 department chart now shows only departments
SD-4565 Some table planner bugs
fix for errors on portfolio management
SD-4537: sensless message in Gantt for time filter
SD-4616 gantt name filter fix, changed translation for name filter
XXX theme colours change, timerec for other people change requests
SD-4577: gantt - baseline category fix
SD-4592 multiple portfolio selection on portfolio dashboard
feature: vacation settings app - added absences
small fix for themes
XXX new theme
SD-4583 fix for gantt critical path coloring
SD-4544 visual changes on portfolio management
Fix for absence importer
added new index footer
Changed columns display and fields vor absence
SD-4557 Staffer PDF export on two pages fix
poc heatmap chart
removed karma tests from grunt build
SD-4540 selection in resource filter on gantt
SD-4582 fix for price list values
SD-4539 gantt critical path column and content fix
quick selector fix
SD-4560: gantt fixes
Added grunt task buildnt to build without karma tests
Fix for ribbon buttons. Probably.
SD-4514 program selector fix on gantt
removed label
Made Staffer ribbon undo popup wider. Removed "reset view" button from staffer ribbon.
Color chages for jiraconnect ans staffer. Removed padding around tabstrip
SD-4352 Fix for importer missing vacationtype for vacation contingent and absence
SD-4499 enabled score editing for proxies in portfolio management
SD-4529 better color for linked package in jira connect app
SAD-4504 Fux Staffer PDF export split to 2 pages
SD-4403 replaced textareas with kendo rich textbox
Removed "save view" button from staffer ribbon
Hotfix for double switches in ribbons
HR Importer CSS fix for selected nav-pill text color
SD-4495 - fix for basic auth password change redirect
fix for gantt jump
fix for feedback without comment
removed comments
feature; custom text editor
SD-4467: deductible tooltip added to edit resources window
SD-462 separate Staffer ribbon config. Updated copy.js for build
SMT-462 separate Staffer ribbon config
Disabled input for other resources on time recording
SD-4313 - XXX - FEATURE: input timerecording for other people, SD4204 -... 
Project list - XXX - check role id for freeze, legend for prognosis removed
SD-4439 disabled column reordering on project dashboard and department dashbor bar view
sortable resource column on department dashboard
SD-4220 hyperlinks on AI window
SD-463 Staffer columns sorting
Fix for staffer jump to table planner prob on XXX test server
SD-4289 clicking on proxy items in gantt chart opens project in new tab
SD-4406 - XXX - automatic switch assignment
SD-4298 double click on proxy opens gantt with given project in new tab
Hotfix Staffer incell editor and more resizable columns added
SD-4423: add new bubble chart to portfolio-management and additional improvements
Fix table planner start month parameter from config.js not working
SD-4447 chart drawn on portfolio selection
SD-4491 custom reports ribbon date, restoring the missing staffer, fix for... 
added messages and spinning wheels to bubble chart
SD-4411: remove logout button from index if basic auth is used
feature: bubble chart config
SD-436 I-0016 PDF Export Staffer cut off fixed
XXX - parsing german date in crmProjects quickfix
applink communication center
SD-443 I-0151 Staffer alphabetic sorting added
Fixed costs XXX editability changes
SD-441 I-0150 "amount" and "staffed" columns can be switched with param... 
SD-4384 Table planner incorrect amounts on filtering costs
Set budgetManagement_editable flag in config.js to true as default.
Fix for some legacy configs of flexiGrid regarding business year start month... 
feature - new back-end-handeled user creation and email sending
New ribbon icons for "previous quarter"
SD-445/I-0154 and SD-439/I-0017 Staffer sort by program path and extended... 
new tile image for bubble chart app
SD-4407 timing fix custom timeframe for flexigrids
fix for broken end date update for demand
SD-4407 Added custom timeframe for flexigrids in config.js with param flexiGridTimeFrameStartMonth
SD-447 I-0156 staffer link to table planner
fix with edit condition on gantt
XXX changes to costs grid
SD-4362 - Switches definition order
SD-4338 - XXX vacation approve pdc_o problem,SD-4317, SD-4318 XXX fix... 
SD-4330 - capacity chart effort line fix
SD-4234 program delete on program management fix
SD-452 I-0185 div. Staffer fixes
SD-4243 & SD-4311 disabled moving & deleting jira objects in gant
SD-4297: add button 'show portfolio in planer app' and button 'show portfolio... 
SMT-452 I-0185 div. Staffer changes
SD-4358 fixed formating for currency
opdc quick fix
SD-4295 enabled input in score column for demands on portfolio mgmt app
SD-4354 - websocket connection issues on project-list resolved (enviam)
removed comment
Additional validation for multiple feedback comments
SD-4280 default values for planned start, end and duration
SD-4251 removed some finance buttons from r-m-d
SD-4320 - configurable editability of fixed costs, SD-4284 - preventing pipe... 
SD-4333 removing duplicate resource assignements from initials in gantt view
SD-4192: admin-panel changes
SD-4223 multiple feedback fix - saving when going to next day without closing window
Jira quick fix attempt
Update tiles-en.json
Update tiles-de-CH.json
Update tiles-de-CH.json
Update tiles-de.json
SD-4275 tiles app reordering fix
SD-4314 - privileges possible for all objects
SD-4336: additional bubble chart app changes
quick fix for package duration issue
SD-4287 changing end date of project on gantt does not trigger confirmation... 
FIX HR importer for vacation related imports
bubble chart app first version final
SD-4274 Links to corresponding apps on gantt AI
SD-455 fixed staffer expand persistence to avoid closing all elements on reload
SD-4309 - delete option on recents and favourites + bugfix
SD-4196 semicolon between multiple skills on ganttView
SD-452 I-0185 Staffer misc changes. Removed wweird param from capacity controller
SD-4310 Staffer error when res name contains apostrophes
Fix for endless loop with ws notification
SD-448 SMT I-0156 Staffer jump to Gantt
bubble chart wip
SD-4320 added support for 'and' logic for skills
SD-4245 Gantt Jira connect ready for testing
Debug msg removed
Small y coordinate and tasks grid change
SD-4245 Improved Jira connect for Gantt
Finances parsing for project-list in subtables
SD-4240 hide closed milestones switch on mta
added first preview version of grid view in capacity app
hotfix department dashboard filtering archived
SD-4277 - timeframe problems on project list fix, SD-4247 - keeping filters... 
SD-4263 department dashboard missing reported effort on archived projects
Fix for issue with gantt not adding/updating portfolio when demand added or... 
updatePackage.js fix for me/me+, and additional canges on me/me+
SD-4188 added preselected filtering by selected epic to hira backlog in gantt
SD-4157 FlexiGeid gridforprojects stacked. Improved chart legend colors for dark theme
removed show-in-gantt button from gantt ribbon
SD-4037 Ribbon button "open in gantt" opens with target object selected.
SD-4187: me and me+ task grid can be collapsed and expanded with a switch in ribbon
Skill capa report change
Jira backlog Gantt. Fixed reset of grid in project change
SD-4213 - legend for hasManual field on project-list, SD-4241 - configurable... 
Jira Epic name in phase detail window. Removed old epic key field.
SD-4206 - capacity simulated bars stacking fix
added a tip for a fix of a potential future view switching issue
SD-4160: me and me+ added daily view for all views
Fix for Staffer scrollbar. Preparation for extended error msg in Jira connect app.
Selectable detailgrid rows on project-list
Cluster D field editability change
Change to websocket lamp handling
SD-4185 General Details window of connected phase displays epic name and id
project list changes to project reimporter and selector v2 fix
SD-4188 Epic handling in gantt
Added column filter for position to table planner
SD-4161 - kanban moving to finished sets progress to 100%, lane name change
SD-4040: demand form assigning resource do not change budget and effort value
Small redirect changes for changePassword
SD-4098: change propotion of the two areas in me and me+
SD-4174 table under finance grafix on gantt
SD-4169 loading spinner and preventing multiple clicks on finish button on wizard window
SD-4162 highlighted selection and keet selection after drag and drop
SD-3793 Display connected epic in backlog window
SD-432: automatic booking changes
SD-4166 configurable dropdown menu for risks grid
SD-3794 jira epic id in update phase window
Display connected epic in Gantt Jira backlog window
SD-4139 spinning wheels for refresh
removing unnecessary comments from code and changing var for let
SD-4165 - fix for gantt select all feature - was selecting hidden objects
Selectors width extended
SD-4139 Tableplanner small optical bugs spinning wheels
SD-4139 Tableplanner small optical bugs
SD-4139 translation change on jira config
SD-4138 burndown app changes
SD-3793, SD-3548 Gantt backlog view improvement and display connected epic
SD-4063: resource-management deleting a resource with user
Time recording constrictions changed, websocket project list reload when reconnecting
SD-4135 - Loading activity types with filter
Hotter HOTFIX importer config selection for skills
HOTFIX importer config selection for skills
SD-4153 FIX Gantt backlog is not displayed
SD-3859 - Reimport project XXX
SD-4129: problems with notification in Me and other apps - front end problems
SD-4072: Baseline Compare: subproject deleted after a created baseline
SD-4125 portfolio expanded on opening
SD-3700 budget management ergonomic changes
Fix for table planner search bat on header. Missing search correctly displayed.
Hotfix jiraconnect. Get board epic goes into infinite request loop for the... 
SD 3584 Tableplanner notifications
quick fix for personal dashboard redirection





Thomas Schlereth


Thomas Schlereth

Als Mitglied der Geschäftsführung verantwortet Thomas die operative Leitung der Entwicklung inklusive Konzeption, Design und Weiterentwicklung der Software. Ebenfalls berät er Kunden über Best Practices und begleitet den Roll-Out.

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