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Lotto24 plans realistically and visualizes all project activities with Can Do

Redaktion Can Do
06.11.2020 | 1 min reading time

Portfolio- und Demandmanagement

Projektmanagement Software

In order to carry out the portfolio analysis for the entire company, Lotto24 2019 has set out to find a flexible project management tool that will initially visualize all activities carried out in the IT portfolio of the leading German provider of state lottery products on the Internet. The company employs 190 people and operates in a highly dynamic environment. Work is done in an agile way. The focus of the planning is primarily on "Manage Work" - how many tasks can we manage - and less on "Manage People".

Make the right project selection with Can Do

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After extensive testing Lotto24 has decided to go with Can Do. The solution is now productive and will initially be used by management to organize portfolio management, i.e. the overall overview of open projects, and to select the right projects in view of the wealth of activities. Subsequently, the IT teams are to be integrated.


"We are in a completely agile context and thanks to Can Do we can plan with a lack of clarity. So I can specify periods of time and don't have to base my planning on fixed dates. This flexibility has an absolute added value for us in terms of the financial management of the project."

Helge Poel
Director Security & Compliance, Lotto24 AG

That is why Lotto24 has chosen Can Do

Three reasons for choosing "Can Do":

  • Possibility of planning according to the current state of knowledge (with "fuzziness")
  • Presentation of the actual situation of the portfolio per mouse click opposite Stakeholders
  • Correct prioritization due to the transparency of all current and
    upcoming activities


"The added value of a PM tool in portfolio planning mode is when I can tell stakeholders at a given time what we are doing and have a complete overview of all upcoming "To Do's". Features, bugs and improvements can thus be prioritized correctly more quickly".

Helge Poel
Director Security & Compliance, Lotto24 AG

Redaktion Can Do
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Redaktion Can Do

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