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Project management software - for whom and why?


The use of project management software is recommended when the company has reached a certain size. This is because conventional planning tools such as Excel or split to-do lists and calendar functions are then no longer sufficient for the efficient organization of project work.

Especially the topic of resource management - who does what and
when - quickly becomes a real challenge in a somewhat larger company, because the employees are supposed to work in their specialist areas and at the same time in overarching projects.

You can simplify this coordination process considerably with a good project management software. The software accesses a central resource pool in which your employees are listed. All tasks and capacity-reducing activities of your employees such as

  • Base load
  • Holiday planning,
  • Further training and
  • Project work


are taken into account and are included in the availability calculations.

Another reason for using professional project management software is the sheer number of projects that a company has to implement. If a company carries out many activities in a very organized and structured way as projects, a professional software solution is essential.

In operative multi project management,  the central challenges are comprehensive schedule management and sound capacity planning. Here the division into a project program or portfolios contributes to clarity.

Of course, it is also important that the project management software keeps costs manageable and offers effective controlling options. This will also help you to efficiently control the deployment of personnel throughout the company.

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What does a good project management software have to do?

The main tasks of a professional project management software are:

  • Planning and controlling projects,
  • find suitable employees for the individual tasks,
  • Keep project costs under control,
  • identify emerging project risks at an early stage and initiate


An optimal project management tool supports the project manager in all his work by completely relieving him of many - or even all - routine activities.

These include, for example:

Comprehensive project reporting

Project managers spend too much time painstakingly gathering data on their projects to then compile reports. Prepared in Power Point or Excel, the project reports serve the steering committee as a basis for discussion and further decisions.

However, comprehensive project reporting at the push of a button is already an integral part of project management software. It saves the project manager a lot of effort and also provides valuable information in real time.

Simple portfolio management

Portfolio management is another dimension covered by suitable software in project management.

In portfolios, projects are collected thematically and analyzed in their interaction.

An important point here is the feasibility analysis of possible new initiatives: To expect the organization to do more work than it is capable of doing is considered a "mortal sin" in this context. This is because it does not only burden the new project with risks. There is also a great danger that the projects already underway will be affected.

Only one project too many that a company takes on can therefore lead to many other initiatives being delayed, becoming more expensive or not being able to be carried out at all.

It is therefore very important that you use project management software that has integrated portfolio management with upstream demand management. This allows you to check in advance whether you have enough qualified employees for an upcoming project or when you could make them available at the earliest.

With a structured approval process for individual project ideas - in combination with an overall portfolio view - you can significantly reduce the risk of your organization being overloaded.

From now on, every project will be a successful project!

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What makes Can Do a good project management software

The market for project management software is comparatively large. Google displays over 16 million hits for a corresponding search query.

Not every tool is project management software

But not every tool called project management software is such a tool. Often, project management solutions are merely simple collaboration tools. These work very well when it comes to solving one or more simple tasks together. This type of software can also deliver good results for manageable individual projects.

However, as soon as your projects become more complex, you need to monitor budgets and costs and coordinate the use of resources across the board, it becomes difficult. Then a professional enterprise solution is really needed.

Resource management as the supreme discipline in project management

From the very beginning, Can Do has been committed to resource management, the supreme discipline in project management.

Because ultimately all projects and initiatives in companies depend on

  • sufficient staff
  • with the required skills
  • the requested period


are available.  

So the question is always "Who does what and when?

We have therefore placed people, their availability and skills at the centre of our project management software.

Our project management software initially assumes that every employee can be scheduled to work 100% of his or her working time. Then, in Can Do, capacities are deducted from this, due to holidays, basic loads, the activities in the specialist department and further training measures.

Can Do offers solutions for all these "capacity reductions": a holiday planner, a shift planner and a variety of apps for project management.

Once the capacity reductions have been deducted, you can see the time the respective employee can work on your other projects.

Skill Management: The new dimension in resource management

Resource management runs through almost all Can Do apps.

Unique to Can Do is the combination of capacities and competences: You can easily plan your project based on skills - abilities, skills and competences.

You don't need to know the people or the department that should have the required skills. Because Can Do project management software allows you to assign individual skills or skill combinations to a work package. The software then checks in real time whether there are employees in your organization who have the desired skills and - if so - whether these employees are available in the requested period.

In a second step, the software will then present you with the suitable employees and their availability. Then you can easily and conveniently "stagger" your skill request.

Project Management Software with Brain: Artificial Intelligence in Can Do

Can Do stands for technical innovation like no other.

Working with inaccurate data

The complex algorithms allow working with inaccurate data, for example "project end: sometime in the 4th quarter of 2020" or "duration: 35 to 45 person days".

Our project management software

  • calculates all possible constellations,
  • takes these into account in integrated risk management 
  • and takes them into account when calculating the availability and
               workload of employees, departments and skills.


Dynamic method for capacity balancing

With conventional systems, the workload of employees is analyzed in relation to rigid time windows. The disadvantage of this is that the employee may be overloaded on a daily basis, but not in a weekly or monthly view.

Can Do has overcome the dependence of overloads on the period under consideration with Watermodel®. This is a dynamic procedure for capacity balancing.

Our project management software dynamically analyses the workloads and checks whether there is at least one possibility that the stored planning can function without overload.

Complex analysis with artificial intelligence (AI)

A highlight is the artificial intelligence (AI) in Can Do. This is an expert system that analyses complex situations and gives you recommendations for action.

We are currently working on making our AI learn, independently recognize patterns and evaluate them. 

Always for the good of the people

"Always for the benefit of mankind" is our motto for technological development.

When we designed a new user interface for Can Do about 5 years ago, it was clear that we wanted to do justice to the different roles that users can play in our project management software.

Therefore we decided not to present the multitude of functionalities in a single, large application. Instead, we structured the functions according to concrete use cases and designed them role-specific for the individual user groups.

In this way, you only receive the applications that are relevant to your daily work. These apps are easy to use and optimized for the focus of your work.

Scrum - agile methods in great demand especially in software development 

Agile project management - behind this buzzword usually lies the work with agile methods, mostly with Scrum.  

Jira is the most frequently used tool for Scrum. Therefore we have integrated Jira into Can Do through an interface. This enables us to assign stories about epics to a specific project phase. This reduces your work, especially for hybrid project management, as you remain able to provide information to your client.

In addition, the integration of Jira into Can Do enables a comprehensive resource management without blind spots and information deficits.


Which software best supports project management

Which project management software is the right one for you depends on your projects and your respective tasks. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on the sustainability of the tool used.

With the digital, centralized solution, you will quickly achieve success and make work easier. You will appreciate that you can complete your numerous processes and reports more quickly and easily.

With increasing use of the project management software, you will also develop a complex idea of what other functionalities you could benefit from. This is because as you use the software, the project management maturity of your organisation will also increase.

You should therefore not only measure the project management software against the current requirements, but also take into account the future development of your company.


Can Do - the professional project management software with AI

Are you looking for a project management software that provides comprehensive support for your project work, adapts immediately to your requirements and is easy to use?

With Can Do you have found such a powerful and proven solution. Can Do's software is the best project management software that supports all areas of project management and places special emphasis on holistic resource management.

Furthermore, Can Do's technological innovations enable you to use the individual apps quickly and easily.

Can Do's project management software combines agile project management with the classical approaches.

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