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All resources, workloads and risks in view  with multi-project management


In multi-project management, individual, independent projects are planned, coordinated, controlled and monitored across the board. Various management tasks are required to successfully implement these projects.

These include for example

  • solving resource conflicts and bottlenecks,
  • the coordination of mutual dependencies between projects, and
  • the recognition of synergy effects.


Therefore the use of appropriate multi-project management methods and the selection of the optimal multi-project management software is very important. Because this contributes to

  • Planning,
  • Controlling and
  • Monitoring

be relieved of several projects - the so-called project portfolios.

To best ensure multi-project management functionality, it is therefore recommended to use a professional multi-project management tool.

This tool as part of a project management software supports you in
  • of project communication,
  • the project presentation,
  • compliance with the project budget and
  • resource management.

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Managing projects successfully in a multi-project environment

In order to ensure the economically successful handling of the large number of projects, resource conflicts as well as personnel and budget bottlenecks must be constantly monitored and resolved in a multi-project environment.

In larger companies, a Project Management Officer (PMO) is therefore appointed to successfully handle the tasks arising in multi-project management.

The Project Management Officer (PMO) analyses the project portfolios and checks whether they are strategically aligned with the corporate goals and whether the right priorities have been set.

What challenges you have to master in multi-project management

The challenge in multi-project management for you is to implement the large number of parallel projects with the same resource pool. In the process, surprises such as postponements of deadlines, resource conflicts, quality losses and undesired cost increases occur time and again.

This has the following reasons:

  • Project managers often do not have a complete overview of all ongoing
               projects and the resources available.
  • The projects run in different divisions of the company, so that resources
               have to be planned and deployed across the company.
  • The projects are implemented across national borders           
               (internationalization) and must be organized accordingly.
  • There are dependencies between the individual projects which are
               overlooked in the implementation.
  • Wrong priorities are set in the selection of projects or priorities change
               in the course of project implementation.
  • The project costs cannot easily be adjusted to the requirements of the
               current project, as the predefined budget is not sufficient for this.
  • The planning of dates and expenses is unrealistic.
  • There is a lack of experience in managing multiple projects.
  • The wrong decisions are made when resources are scarce.
  • The projects are not fully documented.
  • The requirements for multi-project management reporting are
               becoming more and more extensive.
  • Agile project management requires decisions to be made in a short
               time due to the flexibility and dynamics of the processes.


It is therefore important for you to choose the right solution for successful multi-project management and to ensure that all risks are transparently prepared by appropriate reporting and can be viewed in real time. This enables early intervention and ongoing control of the projects in multi-project management.

It can also be helpful to formulate a multi-project management example that explains how to deal with a multifaceted project landscape.


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How to implement your multi-project management with Can Do

Can Do is one of the project management tools that provide an overview of all ongoing projects as well as planned resources and their skills in real time.

With the cross-project reports on workload, risks and resources, you have the optimal multi-project management tool at hand to ensure the strategic management of your project portfolio.

Can Do's project management software  is able to create cross-project reports for different categories. It enables:

  • an overview of the status of each project
  • a milestone trend analysis and
  • Risk assessments.

To be able to efficiently manage the large number of projects in a multi-project environment, you should set up and structure your projects in multi-project management according to certain standards.

It is also very important for you to define processes according to which projects in your company are planned and continuously updated. In order to manage these tasks comprehensively, it is advisable to set up a Project Management Office that keeps track of the project landscape in multi-project management and can manage and control the projects centrally.


Multi-project management - advantages with the professional Can-Do solution

If you start your projects in an uncoordinated way, it can endanger your project and daily business in the long term. Central areas and departments become overloaded with additional tasks, lose track of the priority of individual projects and bring important projects into disarray.

With the Can-Do solution you will profit from it:

Classification of project requests according to priority

With Can Do, the company's project requests are first collected, evaluated and prioritized according to the strategic guidelines.

Overview of free capacities

You can see immediately when you have the necessary capacities for implementation. You can thus release your most important projects in a controlled manner and integrate them into the multi-project landscape.

Resource planning according to strategic priorities

Strategic resource or capacity planning is about foresightedly providing employees with the necessary skills for a project. You will be supported by Can Do's skill-based resource management and can ensure that strategically relevant projects are implemented with suitable employees at the right time. Otherwise you risk postponements, rising project costs, nerve-racking conflict situations and therefore dissatisfied customers. You also miss out on opportunities in the event of poor planning, because the necessary skills cannot be procured in time.


How to avoid resource conflicts and transfer data across content

An essential component in resource planning and a frequent source of conflict is still the coordination between project and departmental managers.

Here, too, Can Do is the project management solution of choice, as it enables holistic, skill-based resource planning across departmental boundaries and allows planning with inaccurate - and therefore realistic - data.

This means that personnel costs can be better estimated, employees with the desired skills are actually available at the relevant time and the planning can be adapted to changing project contents and delivery dates from the outset within a certain time frame.

Can Do has developed a cross-platform and open system that can communicate and interact with almost any other system.

Since project managers and controllers depend on each other's data when carrying out their work, Can Do offers, for example, a connection to various SAP modules. This enables:

  • the automatic transmission of data in both directions and
  • a timely monthly settlement and
  • a timely distribution of residual budgets between projects.


Can Do's multi-project management software is suitable for the strategic management of project portfolios and requires little training due to the appification and the associated intuitive user guidance.

The software is able to create cross-project reports for different categories. Among other things, it provides an overview of the status of individual projects, enables milestone trend analyses and AI-based risk assessments.

With the dashboards, project managers can continuously monitor their project landscape in real time, identify potential risks and control projects in real time.

By prioritising your projects, you always have the right focus. With skill-based resource planning across the entire company, you guarantee that the right employees are always available on time. Project reporting provides the necessary transparency in relation to the progress of the project and compliance with budget targets.

The solution is the best choice for both agile and hybrid project management.

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