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Benefit from Can Do in every position

Can Do from the user perspective


Give your company a decisive advantage

Our software lets you make well-founded strategic decisions for your business - faster. How? With comprehensive, real-time information on the status of your company's projects; detailed simulations of future projects; and AI-based risk analysis and recommendations for action. You'll know which customer projects can be implemented with no risk and which can't. You can see which skills are already available in your company and which you'll need to recruit for the future. You'll understand which projects are in increasing demand by customers - and how you can guide the strategic development of your business to respond to that demand. In short: Can Do lets you keep your company on a winning track by delivering a detailed, enterprise-wide overview of what's happening in every area.

Leverage AI to manage your business more securely, efficiently, and strategically

Always have an overview of your whole company

Increase your revenues by making your staff more efficient


Let AI help you
make the right decisions

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wide project plans give you a complete overview

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Plan your projects with the information you have
- even if it's still inexact

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IT Management

Provide software that everyone loves using

Accelerate your digitalization projects with an agile, AI-based planning tool that everyone will accept. Your staff get an easy-to-use but powerful project and resource management solution and they can even use it in the cloud when they're out of the office. You only need to give each user the modules they need for their work, so you reduce training costs and make your finance people happy with a transparent, needs-based cost structure. Plus: you'll benefit from a scalable solution that fits into your IT infrastructure quickly and easily and offers interfaces to key applications like Jira and SAP.

Benefit from a modern and open cloud system

Reduce your training and support costs

Forget the license jungle!


The simple user interface and usability mean
your coworkers will accept the new software quickly

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Can Do is a scalable cloud-
based solution with multiple interfaces
enabling seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

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AI supports your staff by providing
clear recommendations for action

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Leverage AI to provide customers with even better advice

With Can Do , you'll take your customer consulting service to the next level. An extensive database and AI-based analyses enable you to assess opportunities and risks faster and better. That lets you draw more accurate conclusions - for yourself and your own projects as well as those of your customers. You'll be able to play through simulations of customer projects with a variety of different parameters, making your assertions about feasibility more reliable. For companies of any size and in any industry.

Boost the trust your customers have in you

Identify your customers' potential

Benefit from cross-industry software


Dive as deeply into the KPIs
as you want and need to

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AI helps you make
the right decision for your customers

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Plan projects reliably -
even with imprecise data

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Department Manager

Help yourself and your team progress faster

With Can Do, you'll take your team, project and resource management to the next level. It lets you be sure that the project plans you and your team have created can really be executed according to plan. With its sophisticated resource management based on both availability and skills, you'll be able to put together the crack team you need - for any project. Plus: AI-based risk analyses and recommendations for action significantly reduce the risk of wrong decisions. Planning errors are a thing of the past - and you save up to 50 percent more time due to less need for coordination, more better planning accuracy, improved control and faster information delivery. Your management will love you for it.

Get projects started faster

Become a better manager

Always be ready with answers

Weekly sprint

The project overview shows the status
of your team's projects at any time

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Put the best team together with
the resource and skill management tools

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Various dashboards show you
the key indicators as a chart

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Project manager

Shine with successful projects

With Can Do, you'll boost your performance as a project manager. You can plan projects and resources accurately and reliably - even if you can't yet enter all the key data and parameters. In addition, AI helps you detect and circumvent risks in your project plan. That prevents planning errors and saves you time. And with the AI-based day planning function, you give your team a smart to-do list that automatically prioritizes and assigns the day's tasks without exceeding time allocations. In addition, Can Do also enables you to plan the future of your team. As you can see which skills are in demand now but will be important in the future too, you can proactively develop your team in that direction - and that demonstrates your management qualities.

Reduce the time you need for planning and management

Demonstrate how successful your projects are - anytime

Make a strategic plan of further training for your team


Make more reliable plans
with inexact data

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AI shows you potential risks and recommends
how you can avoid them

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Detailed reports at the touch of a button
mean you have the key figures to hand for every meeting

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Project team member

Be well-informed and plan with confidence

With Can Do, you'll have a feeling of satisfaction at the end of every working day. With the AI-based daily plan, you always stay on top of your to-do's and won't overlook tasks any more. In addition, the intelligent to-do list helps you prioritize your tasks and see in good time whether your time allocations will be exceeded. You can signal this to others and back it up with facts. You can also use Can Do to strategically plan your career because you can see which skills are currently in demand and will continue to be important going forward. Then you can proactively plan your training program - and the next step of your career.

Let Can Do plan your ideal daily schedule

Show what you've achieved whenever you want

Take your career in hand

Fun at work

The skills management function shows you
which skills are in demand and
can help you drive your career forward

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The AI-based to-do list beats you
your ideal daily routine before

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Detailed reports at the touch of a button
mean you have the key figures to hand for every meeting

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