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21.05.2024  | 5 min

Project management reimagined: strategies for project success

In this article, our guest author Peter Burgey addresses a topic that project managers would often like to avoid: [...]
16.04.2024  | 1 min

AI in Project Management: Download the E-Paper Now

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, but can it truly address the specific challenges in project management? In his [...]
28.02.2024  | 2 min

6 Benefits for Management

In an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment, it is essential for the executive leadership to have tools [...]
26.02.2024  | 3 min

The right time for software implementation

In an era characterized by advancing digitalization, companies are confronted with the need to constantly improve and [...]
17.01.2024  | 2 min

Multiple skill combinations with Can Do

In the fast-paced realm of project management, effective resource planning is a linchpin for success. What unlocks this [...]
14.12.2023  | 3 min

The Year 2023 in Review

Annual Review? We have one too... Simply because 2023 was a truly special year for Can Do. Why – and what this means [...]
31.10.2023  | 2 min

Portfolio vs. Programme

Projects, programmes and portfolios - these are the terms that bring structure to project management. We take a closer [...]
30.10.2023  | 4 min

These project management problems are solved by Can Do

The digitization of project management continues to advance, and artificial intelligence is now also increasingly [...]
18.10.2023  | 2 min

AI in Project Management: Follow-up to the PMI® Austria event

On the 13th of June, the PMI® Austria Chapter invited to a forum event in Vienna - under the motto "AI-supported, [...]
26.07.2023  | 3 min

Ready for summer! Projects and vacation planning in harmony

No pre- and post-holiday stress? It's possible - it's just a question of effective organization. To keep track of your [...]
18.07.2023  | 6 min

Do you really need project management?

Our guest author Heinrich Drügemöller, Managing Director of the project service provider iatrocon GmbH, also opens his [...]
11.05.2023  | 3 min

Project Planner online or On-Premise ?

A project planner is needed! - i.e. a software for planning and controlling your projects. Especially if you are using [...]