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Thomas Schlereth
01.02.2024 | 2 min Lesezeit

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Can Do User Blog _  RampUp EN

In a RampUp, users from new companies are gradually familiarized with the software. With the support of Can Do consultants, real data is built up and new topics are added almost every week.

Users receive, based on their progress, an increasing number of apps gradually, which they need for the respective use cases. This ensures that especially at the beginning, no "unnecessary" apps cause confusion.

The following overview illustrates the progression of this RampUp and how the 'tiles' expand step by step. There are two "routes" here, one for "standard" companies and a second path for IT companies that want to implement hybrid planning with Jira. The only difference is the additional Jira apps; otherwise, everything remains the same.


Typical RampUp Progression

Typical RampUp: Trial Level 1

Use Case: Establishment of Resource Master Data, Departments and Base Loads


Typical RampUp: Trial Level 2

Use Case: Vacation Planning, Building Projects and Portfolios


Typical RampUp: Trial Level 3

Use Case: Inclusion of Resources, Budget Planning, Skills, Basic Plans and Reporting for Management


Typical RampUp: Trial Level 4

Use Case: Demand Management and all remaining Apps, Full Scope




Thomas Schlereth


Thomas Schlereth

As a member of the management board, Thomas is responsible for the operative management of the development including conception, design and further development of the software. He also advises customers on best practices and supports the roll-out.

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