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Strategic Project Portfolio Management with Software from Can Do

Version 5.0 of Can Do’s PPM software offers, amongst other things, new functions in the area of project portfolio management. Can Do has honed the simulation of projects within a portfolio considerably, enabling realistic capacity planning and comprehensive risk assessment on the portfolio level. Can Do thereby sets strategic planning of project portfolios on a realistic footing.

Can Do enables companies to implement their company strategies on a realistic basis within project portfolios. With the new version of the project management software, current projects, approved future projects and planned simulated propositions can be coordinated optimally. Through the detailed planning of simulated projects within the portfolio, project-specific stress curves and peaks can be illustrated and taken into consideration during capacity calculations. This is essential in a realistic portfolio simulation as staff deployment and, therefore, also capacitive workloads on departments and resources vary considerably for the duration of a project. This must be taken into account for project simulation. The standard method of working with linear capacity distribution models does not reflect the progression of a project realistically and is not suitable for the detection of bottlenecks and overloads. With its functionally augmented project portfolio management, Can Do gives the top management of companies a live control panel for strategic planning, management and monitoring of portfolios.

Modern Ergonomics and Risk Management in Real Time

With a few mouse-clicks, one can create projects, fine-plan or move them, simulate various scenarios and release the optimal constellation within the portfolio. Version 5.0 of Can Do’s project management software can do all of this. In the new version, it is now possible to plan simulated projects within a portfolio in detail in order to obtain a realistic load distribution with regard to the departments and employees involved in the project. While doing this, the user has access to individual project templates and modules which, if so desired, already comprise the required departments or resources. The dynamic capacity synchronisation model, “Watermodel®”, which was developed by Can Do for optimal resource deployment, then takes all the company’s current projects, approved future projects and planned simulated propositions into consideration. Should overloads or bottlenecks occur in the simulated project, Can Do’s project management software sounds the alarm. In principle, this tool from Can Do provides all information in real time – checking in and out of project or portfolio plans is unnecessary

Can Do presented its new functions in the area of project portfolio management at the 2nd Swiss PPM tools field test in Zurich in November 2013. The event report attests that Can Do’s solution is particularly powerful in the area of strategic resource management and stresses that the tool could offer valuable services, particularly on the management level. In Version 5.0, Can Do, besides further developing strategic project portfolio management, has also advanced the integration of line organisation into the project management software. Furthermore, the full-graphic user interface has been completely revamped. Can Do will deliver the new version of its PPM software to its customers in stages in spring 2014.