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Can Do – the advanced project management tool

One of the most important requirements you will have to meet as a project manager is the ability to successfully complete project tasks under high time pressure. It is very important to react promptly and appropriately to unexpected disruptions in the project process. There are numerous project management tools available to you for this purpose.

It is therefore important for you to choose the project management software that your team will enjoy working with and that will enable them to work efficiently. 

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Classic, agile, in real time? The challenges of a project manager

There is a wide range of collaboration solutions on the market for the implementation of individual projects. In addition, professional project management tools for planning and implementing complex projects are also available.

Our project management tool Can Do has become an indispensable aid for project managers who are responsible for strategically relevant projects.

The Can Do solution provides you with exactly the right tools for the entire project management, starting with

  • the simulation of project ideas via
  • the holistic planning,
  • Risk and project portfolio management,
  • the review of the available resources and the budget up to
  • Control and monitoring of complex projects.

Hybrid project management is also possible for you with Can Do, as the tool combines agile project management via interface with classic project planning.

On the basis of algorithms, the software is also able to prioritize activities and make recommendations for action. 


How can the project management tool support you in implementing your corporate strategy?

You can use Can Do's project management online tool to implement your company's strategy through plans and projects.

With this tool it is easy for you,

  • structure project processes,
  • to call up the current project progress,
  • to document individual progress of all those involved in the project,
  • Display deviations from plan, e.g. resource bottlenecks or budget
               overruns in real time, so that they can be corrected at an early stage.


It is therefore an intuitive, simple project management tool for creating complex projects and tasks. You can assign tasks and projects to your employees - across departments.

The online project management tool also offers you different project views (Gantt chart, Kanban) and various functions for grouping and linking tasks, phases and milestones.

For example, you can switch between predecessor/successor functions with the Gantt-Chart of Can Do. If a task is moved, the dependent tasks are automatically transferred as well. This saves you a lot of time and effort, especially in complex projects with many dependencies.

Even for hybrid project management, where development teams work in an agile way, you retain control of what happens. You can quickly and easily make statements on the progress of the project regarding

  • adherence to delivery dates,
  • Budget and
  • Quality


This is possible because Can Do's online project management tool has an interface to the most frequently used tool for agile project management "JIRA".

Can Do is use case based and is available to the individual user groups on a role-based basis. This means that you can assign each of your employees the apps relevant to their activity (role) and then configure them user-based.

All apps from Can Do are designed to be highly modern and extremely user-friendly. 


Realistic planning methodology with inaccurate data

Can Do is a professional project management tool that allows you to plan a variety of complex projects. 

In addition to project planning, control and monitoring, you can also use the project management online tool for cross-project and cross-location resource planning and portfolio management.

This clearly sets the tool apart from collaboration tools that are often used for individual projects with a limited range of functions.

The special features of Can Do's project management tool include the underlying complex algorithms. These allow you to plan with inaccurate data such as "Project start: Sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2019" or "Project duration: 10 to 15 person days".

The Can Do project management tool calculates all conceivable constellations on the basis of these data and takes them into account in the integrated risk management as well as in the calculation of the availability and workload of the employees (resources) or departments. The skills required in the respective project are also taken into account in the calculation.

As far as overloads are concerned, Can Do has developed the Watermodel® algorithm, a procedure that carries out dynamic capacity balancing. This involves calculating the workload of an employee not only on a single day, but over the week and month. This is because an employee may be overloaded on a daily basis, but not with regard to the longer period. If the algorithm determines a possibility where the planning can work without overload, the Can Do software will show you this option.

Our tools for project management offer you further relief through the AI-based prioritization of activities as well as recommendations for action in the handling of routine tasks.

From now on, every project will be a successful project!

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Best project management tool for multi-project environments

Weitere bedeutende Vorteile des Projektmanagement Tools sind:

  • Resource and team coordination across sites and departments,
  • Real-time simulation of all scenarios and risks for current and planned
  • Portfolio analysis by classifying risks according to their probability of
  • Budget management to control and monitor capacity and financial
  • Project reporting with all core project information such as milestone
               trend analyses and departmental workloads at the click of a mouse..


The project management tool Can Do is therefore perfectly suited for modern multi-project management

You can monitor your projects worldwide and access project details organization-wide. You always have an overview of costs, booked project times, milestones and set clear priorities in the daily project routine.

Project traffic lights and multi-project controlling functions as well as intelligent resource planning software provide you with the basis for operative multi-project management.

In addition, Can Do's project management tool has various interfaces to third-party tools such as SAP and JIRA. The mobile app "Can Do Hours" for comfortable feedback of working times is available for iOS and Android.

Professional project management tool made in Germany

Project management in a company is often so comprehensive that it affects all business areas. Therefore, growing companies in particular, which have to map more complex business processes, are dependent on a professional project management tool. They need a tool that is extremely flexible and adaptable in addition to uniform, high usability standards.

The Project Management Online Tool from Can Do offers these features and with its wide range of functions is able to,

  • to map the planning across the entire organization,
  • reduce complexity and
  • simplify the cross-departmental planning of projects throughout the


Our professional project management tool is based on experience and practical examples from German medium-sized businesses. It therefore actively supports you in the entire digitization process and agile project management.

The Can Do Online Project Management Tool is the best choice for small and medium-sized companies as well as global corporations to increase productivity and realize projects.


Data security according to strict German data protection guidelines

Can Do's project management tool is cloud-based and runs on servers in Frankfurt am Main. Therefore, the strict German data protection guidelines apply to Can Do servers. The project management online tool is therefore 100% DSGVO-compliant. On request, a contract processing agreement (AVV) will be made available to you.

The project management tool is available to you for four weeks free of charge. You can purchase access easily and securely via Can Do's cloud service and on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). 

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